I have been away for a bit. The writer’s block has been lifted. I also hope that we hear from everyone else this week! 

I was away in Charleston South Carolina for a wedding. I had one morning/afternoon to myself, and  after a friend sent me a note suggesting that one of the hardest reservations in the US to get was located right up the street from my hotel, the game was afoot. Telling me a res is hard to get is akin to Poking the Bear.

After I checked did a little research on the spot, I noticed that the chef had another place in town, but they didn’t do lunch. As all I had available was lunch, I looked online and booked a table for four. It wasn’t that difficult, but I am guessing that lunch on a Friday isn’t the same as dinner Saturday night. 

As shown in the photo below the restaurant setting is very idyllic, and full of southern charm.  I think this marks the first official appearance of TFMBW on the blog!

A quick section on what we ate. 

There was much success
the pig ear wraps (spicy, tasty and “adventurous”)
The pork tenderloin
The shrimp and grits

A few misses

The girls thought their drinks were a little underpoured
The bacon skillet cornbread was dry, and the fat had a little “sour note” to it
The chicken wings were “ok”

The food itself was very good, and very appropriately priced. I think it was about $140 including drinks, tax and tip for the four of us.


05/09/2012 12:15

Looks like the kind of place you should have a mint julep.

05/09/2012 18:24

Definitely worth checking out and a really cute spot!

05/10/2012 07:30

Bryan, I went straight bourbon, it was a good choice.


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